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I know a lot of you have been wondering what has happened to my blog. I thank all of you for your support so far with Capital Clips. This blog was so that I could get used to the blogging world and it has now come to an end but I am keeping the site live for all my fabulous followers who gave me so much support over the last 6 months. I have really enjoyed my first blog and I have learnt so much from all of you!

I have now joined forces with my best friend Phoebe from Parmahamandrocket and we bring you:


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Bargain Hunt

I dont usually blog about shopping and products but I do love to read or hear about what bargains and offers other people are finding so I thought I would share what I found recently.

I’m pretty behind with the times at the moment and I didn’t realise that the sales had started! Basically I get lost in the shopping world where there always seems to be a sale and so it doesn’t really occur to me to go and hunt for a bargain when the big sales happen. This weekend I actually stumbled on the sales on Oxford street where I started in John Lewis and found this really cute mini make up bag for everyday make up, lipsticks and hair bands. Then I went to H&M and found this gorgeous bikini. I have about 10 bikinis but I feel that every holiday should have its own new bikini – since I have booked my summer holiday now, I thought it was justified! 

Then I went to Oasis where most things were 50%-70% off – these trousers seemed like the perfect summer trousers for if the weather stays like this but I want to cheer myself up with summery clothes! 
This is where my Accessorize sale section begins. I love this shop so much and when I saw that everything on the ground floor was 50% off I almost ran in! Take a look at my pretty finds…
The last section is my non-sale section but things which I got on the same shopping trip. I love this summery colour from Topshop. It has a silver sparkle to it but when you apply it, it comes out quite thick and sticky and you need quite a few layers to make it look even. Below are the Leigh trousers which I now have in 5 different colours. I LOVE them, they are so comfortable and easy to wear dressing up and down.
Finally, this is a dress I found in H&M for £7.99 – Bargain! It is perfect for work when it gets really hot!

I hope you have a chance to catch the sales and get lots of gorgeous bargains!

Thank you for reading my blog! 

Alfresco at Jamie’s

Last night I went out for dinner with friends and as we had spent most of the day in one of our favourite places in London, (Covent Garden) we ended up eating at one of our favourite restaurants there – Jamie’s.It is in a really sweet little square off Long Acre with lots of other restaurants and wine bars and lots of outside seating.

What I love about Jamie’s is the way everything is served in such a rustic and unique way. Some of the sharing places are served on logs which lay on a stand of old tins on your table. All the food is delicious and fresh and the prices aren’t bad either!

Above is the brilliant bread selection with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip.

Below is the main dish which I had – Jools’ favourite Sicilian Tuna Fusilli.

This was cooked to perfection and suited dining outside in the evening with a large glass of white wine perfectly!For desert we all chose the same thing (boring, I know!) It was the Amaretto, Chocolate and nut Brownie. It said in the menu it would be served hot with icecream but ours wasn’t so the waitress kindly took it and heated it up. My favourite kind of pudding is hot and cold like this! We finished with Mojitos! A fantastic end to a brilliant day in London!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Pretty in Pink

I had a lazy Sunday evening watching the match which got a little boring so I decided to do some baking with my housemate. Cherry cupcakes are my favourite and this is the first time they have actually worked – usually all my cherries sink to the bottom but I recently read the tip that if you wash all the syrup off them they don’t. Since then I have been cherry mad making up for all those cakes which have gone wrong over the years!What I love about cakes with cherries in is that they go a little chewy around the cherry which makes them super delicious!
A second thing I have yet to master is butter frosting but I managed it for the first time and I was super proud! It seems that even though we didn’t have luck in the football it has all gone into my cakes! I was pretty pleased even if it did provide a huge amount of entertainment for my friends (I melted the butter in the microwave to speed things up which meant that as I was piping it was dripping everywhere!)Top with some glitter and sparkle and you’re good to go! Wish I could let you all try!Thank you for reading my blog! 

Whizz, Pop, Bang.

Purl, Marylebone, London. This was in my ‘Secret London’ app on my phone and looked like an exciting bar to go to. As you walk downstairs and through the door you are welcomed by friendly faces and amazing sights. You go back in time to 1920s and it certainly feels special. Our drinks were served with a popping helium balloon and liquid nitrogen cooler. I had the Mr Hyde’s No. 2 and Oli had the Cerez Joker. Both were amazing but I prefered Oli’s as mine was corked and smoked with time. This meant that in my second glass it was a little too smokey and strong for my liking.All in all, a magical experience and I would say that everyone should come here once! Probably perfect for a first date to amaze! Thank you for reading my blog!

M&Ms World

I went into M&M world which is just off Leicester Square in London. It is a great place to go at any age as there is so much mechandise for M&Ms they must make so much money from tourists! I went for just a standard bag of M&Ms but I was able to pick my own colours and amounts, pick and mix style.Above, the disgusting colours of the free bag of M&Ms we were given. Below, my much nicer colour selection!Thank you for reading my blog! Below is Oli my best friend, remember him in this post?

Interactive Dining

I went for a meal at Inamo – an interactive oriental dining experience with my best friend. It was lots of fun. Basically the tables have interactivity and you order food & drinks, play games, call the waiter, plan your route home, see local attractions on a map to plan other things after your meal and pay your bill through the click on a button on your table.

There is only information about the Inamo in Wardour Street, Soho which normally has queues outside when I have tried to go but we went to one near Piccadilly Circus tube station on Regents Street which was much easier to be seated.

The food was also delicious and well worth the somewhat expensive prices! This is the truffle marble beef – my favourite which just melts in your mouth! Amazing!It was delicious and a really good fun dining experience!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Hen Party – Part 2

The final chapter – I miss it already and cannot wait for Amy and Justin’s wedding in a few weeks. Watch this space!Proof that we are perfectly capable doing a ‘pull a ridiculous face’ shot!Below, the beautiful Cat, fresh back from Dubai and looking nice and tanned!Below – Brooke and Kirsty. To see pictures of Kisrty’s wedding last year see here.

Thank you for reading my blog and for all your messages and emails!

Hen Party – part 1

As you may know, it was recently my friend’s hen do see here for pictures of where we stayed. It was such a fun weekend so I have posted some general (carefully selected) photos! We had a swimming pool which we had a great time in and got hundreds of pictures of but I don’t think my friends would appreciate me putting bikini shots on here!Amy – the bride to be! Below – Sarah and Brooke – best friends and ex housemates from when I lived in Cambridge – miss them both dearly!

Speech time! We laughed, we cried and we had a fantastic time telling embarrassing stories about each other!
Thank you for reading my blog – pop back for part 2 of the hen do!

Hen Party – The house

Last week it was my best friend Amy’s hen do. We stayed at Felmingham Hall in Norfolk and we were all blown away by how amazing the weekend was. There was 24 of us and plenty of room for more if we needed it, the place was HUGE! We spent a long weekend there and in that time we napped, ate, drank, danced, swam, walked, talked, laughed, cried, bathed, and had a brilliant time!

Click here for the website to the venue.

Jamie Oliver and his friends recently stayed here and it was voted one of the best country retreats in England recently. There was a housekeeper who came in and cooked us breakfast, cleaned up and tidied the house every day which is always an added bonus when you’re wanting to relax!

I have so many pictures of the hen do so I have split them up into venue and each day. The other posts with what we did and who went will come soon!


What do you think?

Thank you for reading my blog! Pop back soon for pictures of my beautiful friends and what we did on the hen do!