New Years Eve is upon us and everyone I know seems to have a complete inability to make a decision on what they are going to do!

The picture above is from last NYE’10 when I went to La Raza in Cambridge with my friends. This is my favourite bar/club to go to in Cambridge and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. We started by meeting at a friend’s house who lives near town and having drinks and nibbles there and then we got taxis into town for a brilliant night!

I was tempted to do the same this year because I loved it so much but as I only recently moved to London, I feel that I should stay in the capital. Weeks have passed and noone can decide what exactly they want to do for NYE’11 so I have decided to hold a house party – no large cues, hefty bartabs or entrance fees and of course, no waiting around for a taxi at the end of the night!

My housemates are well up for it and as we are all quite creative, I feel we might be able to pull off quite a good one. Our plan is to start late afternoon and have drinks, nibbles and some games. Then head into the evening with music, cocktails and fireworks. I have decided to post some party ideas for NYE for people to have a look at. Let me know what you think!

1. Sky Lanterns – last year the sky was filled with these, it is such a magical way of entering the new year. Find some good value ones here.

2. Light up balloons – these are relatively new, I am going to buy some for our party because they are so interesting. As I have a love for photography, I can see some really good pictures coming from using these with large groups of my friends. You can get them here.

3. Articulate – this is my FAVOURITE game of all time, it is all about thinking up clues to words without using the words and getting your partner or group to guess them as quickly as you can. It fires up the adrenaline and becomes very competitive. Get yours from here.

4. FOOD! For this, I am going to be preparing finger foods and nibbles for the evening but I have been to a party recently where my friend had the food delivered – Marks and Spencer do a very good service with a choice of different menus with a pay per head strategy. This works well if, like me, you have no idea about food rationing!

Have a look here at the options available, I am sure other shops do the same thing but who can resist the Marks and Spencer’s advert to tantalise your tastebuds!?

5. Fireworks – the most exciting part of the party has got to be when you all get the call, put on your hats and gloves and head outside to watch the beautiful fireworks! You can get some here and there are some good offers on this site but as I am going to be having just a few, I will get mine from a supermarket or locally, in person.

Speaking of fireworks – I went to the Bonfire Night fireworks display at Battersea Park, London this year. It was fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone – The final was very similar to the picture above!

6. Costume – we have decided that everyone should be making an effort with the party fancy dress this year, even if it is a small gesture. We have asked all our guests to come with something sparkly – you can interpret this how you like and doesn’t add pressure for people who aren’t sure what to wear or don’t want to go out and buy something. So sparkly makeup, a top, shoes, a tie, a hat, facepaints, tinsel….anything goes!

7. Music – thanks to the technology of today, this is so easy. We have already started making playlists based on mood for the evening – chilled out, dance, karaoke and relax all on the ipods/iphones….these can easily be docked onto the speakers and used again and again. Even your guests can bring along their own playlists and attach them.

This is the dock my Dad got for Christmas and it is brilliant – sounds like you are in the room with the musicians!

8. Decoration – for NYE you can go wild with the decorations as they don’t have to be as personal. I love the idea of having black table cloths, plates, cutlery and then really bright sparkly cups! A real contrast makes the drinks even more appealing! Here is an amazing idea I found, you put it on your wall to transform your room. I have a balcony along one side overlooking a communal garden with water features and lights, so putting this on one wall will make the place look magical!

Personally I would only have the stars as I feel it looks a bit tacky with the red carpet. Personal choice though! Get yours here.

9. Booze – one of the most important parts of the party – I am going to have a separate post on this….watch out!

10. Invitations! Get yours out quickly so you know who is coming and how many people you have to cater for.

Enjoy your parties, nights, events! xxx


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