London #1

Here are a few pictures from my day in London today. We headed over to Covent Garden area and had a good look around the shops boutiques and street performances. Then we had lunch in Bills which was delicious and such an experience. The food comes on wooden planks and in plastic camping cups. It has a really organic, fresh feeling.

In the afternoon we stopped for ice-cream at The Icecreamists where I was taken aback by the uniform they wear – a police style outfit…..the main attraction is obviously the icecream, they had such an interesting selection and as soon as we walked in they were happy to have us try them all! They had Ferrero Rocher, Creamy Caramel, Mulled Wine and Port Sorbetto, Jamaican Ginger Cake (with slices of cake in it) and Popcorn flavour. My favourite flavour was the popcorn one – delicious! It cost £5.95 for 3 scoops so we got popcorn, caramel and Ferrero Rocher (just to try all of them). They are pretty generous when they say a ‘scoop’. 3 of us managed to share one cup and it was more then enough!

My post tomorrow shows you all about the visit to Harrods. For now, here are some pictures from the day….

I am not exactly sure what the fat girl products are doing in the Harrods sale…..I was interested to read the boxes to see what they were……very strange!

Thank you for reading my blog!


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