Tantalise your tastebuds!

Yesterday, my boyfriend’s sister arrived from Italy. She is staying for a week so we are taking her to see lots of lovely sights in London. The first was Harrods today. The decor in this shop is amazing and they have some really incredible departments. My number 1 favourite place in Harrods is the food hall – I have some pictures below which I am sure are  very appealing the eye. If you have been, go again. If you haven’t been, plan a trip. A must see! These photos do not do it justice! I have also posted some pictures from some of my other favourite departments….

1. The selection of fine teas.

2. Chocolate stands – one of many….

3.  Speciality sweets stand – look at the bottom row, simply amazing!

4. Canapes – inspiration for our NYE’11 party!!

5. CUPCAKES – my favourite stand and I was certainly inspired. The ones I love the most are the coconut cream topped ones with glitter. They look like little snowballs and they are so pretty! I am going to attempt these for the NYE party!

6. Bakery – these look too good to be true, it was hard to get this shot as this stand was so busy! What impresses me the most about this stand is the trouble they go to to wrap your goods to look gorgeous. In a little box with a bow, too pretty!

7.  Toys – this was and always will be such an exciting place for me! I love looking around at all the gadgets you can buy, I particularly love the Science Museum toys which are always really different to other toys. I like the different stands they have set up to demonstrate the new toys or games or magic tricks out. Just walking through as an adult is brilliant! I ended up getting a picture amongst the lifesize teddy animals (a must see!).

8. The Animal Kingdom……this is here purely for my own amusement. I was upset to see that they don’t sell ridiculously over priced cats and dogs in this department anymore (this is what we came to show our guest). But I was highly amused by the fact that they had essentially a pet food bakery with cupcakes, victoria sponge and lollipops available for your canine’s pleasure. Have a look….

Thank you for reading my blog everyone. I am amazed by the support so far, I didn’t expect it at all. I am slowly building up the number of people I am following on here so if you feel like I would enjoy reading your blog, please send me a message!


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