Party Prep.

I know this is a bit late but I didn’t have time to finish this post yesterday because I was too busy. I was so excited while getting ready for our NYE’11 party! I started by baking some cupcakes for the NYE party, Harrods inspired (See Tantalise your Tastebuds post). My favourite addition to baking these days is the edible glitter you can put on top to make them look fabulous.

I am not very good with the icing but this is my first of many with the proper icing nozzle and the edible glitter (you can get so many different colours). The icing was a little too wet so it started to flatter the nozzle pattern, putting them in the fridge helped though. Note, you should add the glitter to the icing mix rather than sprinkling on like I did….you live and learn hey?

Then we made Beijinho, a traditional Brazilian sweet – delicious! I got the tiny little cases from Ikea, here. They are so delicious. We have added coconut and clove to the white chocolate ones and sprinkles to the dark chocolate ones. Have you tried these before?

Then we made sure we had the drinks……I think that should just about cover it….

Here are the ingredients to some of the cocktails we made and the menu for our guests – such a great idea, they loved it!

Sparklers, fireworks and lanterns….

Candles lit, champers chilling, music up – let’s party!

Thank you so much for reading my blog and to all my new followers – welcome!


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