Borough Market

Today our London tour took us to Borough Market, one of my favourite markets because there are so many delicious foods to try and buy. It was raining which was a shame but as most of it is covered over, we had a good look through the different stalls.

I am a huge saucisson fan so this stand appealed to me a lot. I couldn’t resist a taste!

Meringue…….I am yet to master this but 2012 will be my year. I cannot get meringue or fudge to work…..anyone have any tips?!

My boyfriend introduced me to this very traditional Portugese sweet – called Pastel De Natas, also know as Pasteis De Belem. The original recipe is the secret of one family but over the years many bakers have tried to recreate the original. This version tasted AMAZING and we each had one. It is pastry with a custard filling, sometimes they have cinnamon or sugar on top.

Just look at these Turkish Delights…..many flavours and colours. The man let me try lots of them and I was in heaven. It is nothing like the shop bought Turkish Delight in a pink wrapper…if you know which one I mean?

Take a look at the variety of nuts this stall had…..I love just walking around and looking at the colours and textures of the foods. This stand was pretty impressive!

We had a good chat with the guy who owned this stall, the wine was delicious and I would have bought some if it wasn’t for the fact that this was the first place we went to and I would have to carry it around all day and night!

Truffle mustard…..this is just amazing! You can use it as a dressing for salad or use it to make a sauce……a good thing to have in your kitchen to impress your guests!

Look at these cute little French tins. Presumably for storing tea, they are so pretty I want one for my kitchen!

Thank you for reading my blog, welcome to new followers and visitors. I am happy to share what I have seen and experienced and I hope you are enjoying reading my blog.

All the pictures I talk about are taken by me.


2 thoughts on “Borough Market

  1. Lovely post and gorgeous pictures! I love going to markets and taking pictures of the many nice things on offer. I always get fascinated by those dried sausages and will always be tempted to buy a lot.

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