London #3

The view down Regent Street, London, during the sales. The whole of central London was completely packed and it was impossible to pick up any pace while walking, however, the sales were in full flow and I ended up ignoring the masses of people and finding some true gems in my January Sales shopping spree this year.

Once I got my shopping home, I realised that I can’t actually fit any of it in my cupboards so a big throw out will need to be done ASAP.

My favourite item from my shopping spree was also the cheapest item (result!). I just think this top is adorable and it will be a great thing to wear in Spring. What do you think?

This is a particular hidden gem just off Regent Street. Look out for Heddon Street and it leads you down an alley to a really adorable square. On the square there are lots of really nice restaurants and bars, we were able to get away from the crowds and relax here!

There is also the famous Ice Bar on this square, formally owned by Absolut Vodka but now ICEHOTEL have taken it over. The main bar is literally made of ice and is kept at -5degrees at all times! The walls, tables and your glass are also made of ice.

(this is not my own picture)

There is another bar and restaurant within this bar but the Ice Bar is the attraction I would most recommend. You have to pay to get in and there can sometimes be a queue so you should try to book in advance. You will get a 40 minute session and you will even be given a lovely big coat to wear while you are in there!

Drinks range from £2.60 up to £450 depending on your taste!

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