London #4

Today I bring you the sights through my lens around the River Thames area of London. I started by meeting my friends after work at South Kensington and this is the first view I had from coming out of the tube. I think the blue lights and the dusk lighting make this so pretty. This is an ice rink right outside the Science Museum (a fantastic place to visit and will do another post on this alone!).

The first place we went to after this was Gordan’s Wine Bar, my favourite place in London to go and have a really relaxing drink. Interesting, it is the oldest bar in London and they have tried to keep it really similar to how it was originally. The main seating area is only lit by candles which make it magical. When you go down the stairs into the bar, you arrive in the main bar and it is covered in pictures and ornaments. If you follow through to the back, you can have a seat in the cellar area which is like old tunnels. The ceilings are very low but it adds to the character!

It is always very busy in here and you may have to wait for a seat but it is well worth it in the end. Once you have a seat, you can treat yourself to a good bottle of wine and a choice of cheese or meats on a sharing plate with your friends – perfect!

It is a very romantic place I think, perfect for anyone looking to go on a very interesting date, and if not, it is perfect to meet up with friends or family. I highly recommend Gordan’s Wine Bar to anyone!

Take a look but the pictures do not do it justice…

After indulging until we nearly popped, we went for a walk across Hungerford Bridge and I took this shot, think it’s pretty arty!

Then I took some really pretty shots of the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and views of Embankment. Get your tickets to the London Eye here to see all the sights of London which I cannot provide.

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