I am such a big kid so this place is magical in my opinion. I remember coming here as a child and I don’t think I appreciated it half as much as I do now. When you are a child all you can see is the toys at your eye level, as an adult you notice the whole place is like a giant toy box, filled to the brim with exciting gadgets and decorated by some amazing artists.

Take a look….

This is the funniest toy in the shop – Wills and Kate Barbie style dolls. They were on sale for a bargain price of £70 (!) reduced from £100. They look pretty similar to real life but still pretty scary!

This is my favourite section. I have a Steiff teddy bear from when I was a baby and I loved it so much I never let anyone touch it – needless to say, it is still in perfect condition, unfortunately in a box in my parent’s attic!

Funny (!) story – my little brother had one which he took EVERYWHERE and called him ‘Teddy’…..original. Anyway, we played hide and seek with Teddy and I hid him under the stair case (we were having a loft conversion at the time). When I came back from school, the builders had blocked off the stairs – he still lives in the stairs in my childhood home. My brother wouldn’t stop crying so my parents had to go and buy him a new one – they don’t come cheap! I wasn’t able to tell anyone about this for over 10 years. Sorry to all involved.

Thank you for reading my blog, I am so pleased with the interest and support I have had so far. Feel free to email me or leave comments about my blog posts, I am trying to find more blogs to follow!


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