Gloss or Matt?

As you know, I LOVE taking pictures everywhere  go – so much in fact that I have filled the memory on my computer! I decided to go back to being old fashioned and actually printing pictures. But in the shops it seemed such a rip off!

I looked online and found Photobox It was actually really good value for money. Firtly, you get the first 100 pictures free. For some reason they then added another 20 free pictures. After that, everytime you use it again they give you 20% off your order.

I printed off my ‘best of 2011’pictures (which came to 600 pictures!)

Loving that I have them to hand and I chose matt as it looks so much better!

Do you get yours printed?

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3 thoughts on “Gloss or Matt?

  1. Oh I love matte photos! I think they look fancier than the glossy. I’m in the process now of backing up all my digital photos -some back to 2002! Trusting Google for this, but I’ve heard Flickr is good too. When I print, I use CVS or Shutterfly. They make lovely photo books.

    • Ah, I need to back mine up online too! You’ve reminded me! I think the Matt photos look really good and come out really clear. With gloss, you get loads of shine and reflection which I don’t like. I am going to get a photobook made for each year also! I am going to take years if I go back to 2002!

  2. My advice: Buy a USB drive (or two in case one stops working) and move the older and less used photos on to that for quick access. Then use an on-line archive so that you don’t throw away the photos. You will never recover the same quality from a print, so never get rid of the original digital version!

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