Tripple word, double letter.

At the weekend I went with all my housemates to The Winchester in Angel. I go there quite a lot because I really like how unique it is. When you first go in there is a bar with some seating – really old fashioned and it looks like a sitting room. You can comfotably sit and read the newspaper with coffee by day and once the sun sets, the atmosphere transforms…During the day you can play games while you’re there. All the tables around us had games out so we had a game of scrabble!I love the design of this menu!We had some sharing plates which were delicious and reasonably priced. You can get them for 2 or 3 people.By night it is a really busy bar with another bar downstairs which has louder music and lots of dancing! They are quite quirky with their theme and at night they sell their cocktails out of teapots in the lounge upstairs.

Anyone looking for somewhere nice to go – try this. I love it here!

I got a bit stuck with the hand below….I got there in the end!

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