Bake Off!

My housemate, Phoebe and I decided to start ploughing our way through some of the baking books I got for Christmas….we couldn’t decide what to bake so we chose 3 things.

1. Strawberry cupcakes – with a cherry and glitter on top!

2. Fridge Cake – basically this is chocolate, malteasers, golden syrup, biscuits and left over celebrations. All melted and mixed up with marshmallows and you keep it in the fridge. It is DELICIOUS!

3. Banana Loaf – I make this all the time as we buy bananas trying to be healthy and they go off in the fruit bowl. Banana loaf only works with gone off, brown bananas.

They were all so yummy (even if I say so myself!!)

We got them from:

Thank you for reading my blog and welcome to all my new followers. All the pictures were taken by me!


3 thoughts on “Bake Off!

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