Light Dusting

Finally, I snowed! On Saturday night I was at my friend’s house getting ready for my best friend’s party and I looked out the window to check for a taxi and was over the moon to see a light dusting of snow everywhere! It was really light snow at first which meant that everyone who arrived at the house was just freezing and soaking wet!

After we had a night out, getting home was a nightmare as buses, trains and taxis were all stopping, cancelling and even throwing people off half way through a journey! It was insane! My housemate walked 2 hours in the freezing cold as she had no other choice!

Rant over, the snow today was very enjoyable. I went with my boyfriend up to the park to play in the snow. There were hundreds of snowmen everywhere and I caught some of my favourites on camera…

This was sooooo cool! A real igloo! I had to climb inside, obviously! 

This shot is taken from inside the igloo but the snow made the flash go crazy! Kind of liked the picture still.

Some rather arty snowmen around the park…

I found the artist who was doing the really good snowmen! She was so fast, I watched mesmerised!

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you had snow and enjoyed it! 


5 thoughts on “Light Dusting

    • Hello,
      Thank you very much! I really appreciate it and it is so nice to have everyone being so supportive. I’v been following your blog for a while now and really enjoying reading it. Well done to you too! I will follow the instructions tomorrow as I have had a busy day!
      Thank you again!!!

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