271 Regent St.

Yesterday I went to go and meet my best friend Oli and Sarje. Oli had just come back from Edinburgh and Sarje from Singapore so it was a nice little reunion. We went out for lunch at Ponti’s Italian Kitchen just by Oxford Circus station (I had been shopping on Oxford street earlier in the day). I have a random selection of pictures from the day and some of them as I was trying out some new features on my camera. I am going to get a tripod this week so I can do more.

I love the look Oli and Sarje were pulling off, smart casual but more smart 🙂 Oli is very proud of his new Barbour jacket he got for his Birthday a few weeks ago – I love it.

Let me know what you think of the pictures of them? I am just starting to put people on my blog!

The highlight of my day was seeing this man. He was doing this insane dance by the entrance to the tube station and attracting quite a crowd!


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