So on Tuesday I had my first attempt at Scottish Reeling and the London Reels club. My best friend Oli has Scottish family so he has done it all before but we went with a group and we were all first timers. It was in Knightsbridge and they provided free wine, yay!

You have a practise run first and then the dancing begins with a wine round between each dance. It looks tame but it is insanely energetic and everyone there danced their socks off. I fell over once and caused an avalanche on the floor, I also got scratched but that is more to do with my lack of co-ordination than the actual experience itself. I couldn’s recommend it enough, the pictures don’t do it justice. These pictures were taken just before the end when it had died down a little and it was quite late. We had such a fun night and I am going back for more next month.

The pictures weren’t taken by me and they aren’t the most amazing pictures but you get the idea!

Thank you for reading my blog!


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