Happy Hens

I went to the Happy Hens farm last week to see all the spring farm life! I really don’t actually like hens so when I went over to the fence and they all ran towards me (see picture above), I was pretty freaked out but I really enjoyed the day. It was very different to last years farm in spring experience when I went to Wimpole Farm and they had the sheep giving birth as we were there, there was a cow in labour and as I am pretty squeamish I actually had to leave! This time it was far more pleasant.

Possibly the ugliest animal I have ever met – he was so fat he couldn’t even stand up to be fed! Look at that mouth…..eww!

This lamb was taking it’s first steps, looked exactly like Bambi!

This is a pretty bad shot but I had to put my camera through this hole – basically all the hens come into this pen and wait their turn to go into the dark laying room – there are hundreds of them. 

Once they lay an egg, it pops out onto this for collection. They are still warm – so weird and this room was so smelly!Someone left the gate open……RUNNNnnnnnnn!!!

This lamb had just been born – still dazed and confused!

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