I don’t usually go to National Trust places but I was suprised by this find – Calke Abbey. The history in brief is that the family who owned it died out and the last remaining person lived in it alone with collections of taxidermy, baskets and lanterns. He basically filled rooms with his collections and then closed them off. He then died and the National Trust took over the house. They maintained parts of it like walls and leaking roof but the rest was kept how it was found.


It is pretty eery to walk around and feel like you live there – honestly in every room you could picture what it would have been like because it had all been left.

Curiously the library had 2 copies of every book?!

A creepy servants area – weird!
This is the room the last surviving family member slept in until 1981.Above is the very long tunnel that the gardeners would use to get home so that they couldn’t be seen by the house.

Below is the ‘Grotto’ which is described as a secret place of romance – you can use your own imagination!


Thank you again for reading my blog!


6 thoughts on “Abandoned

    • Oh yes, if you google it or read a book about it, it is fascinating! When you go there you can look around everything and really imagine what it would have been like!

      • Aw, yours is definitely not simple. It’s lovely. 🙂 And those pictures, seriously, beautiful. They’re like a book cover in and of themselves.

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