Back to the 50s

Recently I went to this American Diner when I was away with my family. It was a really fun experience – basically, it is an original American diner from the 50s which was found deserted in a field, it was done up and brought over to the UK in the 90s to give us the true american dining experience!

The diner was originally in America next to a high school so after school it would be where they would all meet – since moving it to the UK, the class still come to have reunions here every year!

It is so authentic with booth seating, stools along the bar, the waitresses in typical 50s clothes, etc. The menu is brilliant and they have a million different options for each dish – sauces, dips, cooking style, type of fries, the list goes on. You can completely customise your food.

We started with nachos – sooooo big, even between 4 it was a huge starter!Onion rings – called ‘The Empire State Building’ – classic!Standard – steak and chips but completely the way I wanted it!My favourite part – this is a candy floss flavoured milk shake with haribo on top!Toasted marshmallow flavoured milkshake!In true American style, they gave us candy with our bill! Although you can’t drink alcohol here I would say that everyone should give it a go once – it was so much fun and the place was full all night! Someone had their birthday so all the lights changed and music and dancing started – a brilliant experience!


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