Rock Pebble Sand

At the weekend I went to Haying Island to go and stay with my brother who lives there. I went with my boyfriend to do a 50mile charity bike ride with the Superrb gang and Wonderland Cakes, see 50.7.PAIN. It was a fabulous weekend and here are the shots of the relaxing side of the trip…We went to go at see my brothers office…….. Superrb StudioBeing silly with Superrb and Wonderland Cakes!!!!GC moments before Millie the dog launches herself on him…..well, he was asking for it!The road straight down to the sea!Above is the gorgeous Rufus, Superrb’s new puppy! Finally, the picture below is the pretty house i stayed in 🙂 My weekend was ideal and it was so sunny I felt like I was on holiday!

Thank you for reading my blog!
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