Crusading Light

I know this first picture is really bad quality but I had to put it on to show you the start of my weekend on a boat in Norfolk. We drove down ‘Ferry Road’ which can easily be confused with ‘Fairy Road’ as some of us discovered…. It was literally marsh land with huge floods everywhere. We ditched the cars and jumped on board the boat we would stay on for the weekend. I say boat, it was a river cruiser – 12 beds, sitting room, kitchen, 4 bathrooms and a roof terrace……probably better than my house! We went away for our friend Lisa’s Birthday and we had a fantastic time, despite the torrential rain all weekend!The pub on the first night was literally just across the river! Below is our on board bar…Champagne was served for a Birthday toast on the upper deck – lovely!Here are some really pretty houses at the side of the river. When we looked in an estate agents during our lunch stop, these places go for £500,000 – £1,000,000! Lunch stop on dry land – fish and chips, scampi and chips, battered sausage and chips, everything delicious!We set up a BBQ on the lower deck to cook the delicious burgers from Lisa’s Dad’s butchers – devine!This is the outside view of the boat or the river cruiser – pretty spacious, no!?Breakfast on board followed by the men attempting to fish……
The maggots were left on the back of the boat and during the night there was a storm and they escaped from their box…… maggots were everywhere when we got up the next day, even some found in someone’s shoe!Maximum revs of 11,000……..consistently hit 20,000 throughout the weekend!Our spacious cabin! It was really cosy and we were next to the boats heating so we were nice and warm! Sorry about those in the front cabin where you had a roof window which leaked!Thank you for reading my blog! This picture below was what we found in a field by the river in the middle of nowhere. It is a takeaway menu and ordering service for I guess when times are hard!

We had a fantastic weekend despite the weather – all you need is good company, food and drink!


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