Royal Baking

I went to the bakery in Harrods to get a treat after a long day of walking around central London recently. The whole place was looking amazing ready for the Jubilee and I found lots of beautiful cakes and ideas for cakes. You may remember my blog post at Christmas from my last visit to Harrods – Tantalise your Tastebuds.
I had one of the custard cakes at the bottom of the picture below and my boyfriend had one of the stripy cakes from the picture above – the millionaire shortcake doughnut was AMAZING! Inside was shortcake and caramel and the outside was coated like a yumyum and iced with a caramel glaze. The custard doughnut was also out of this world. I am obsessed with custard slices and custard tarts so this was a nice change!These are two amazing cakes which are on display in the window ready for the Jubilee. My friend entered The Times Jubilee baking competition click here for my post on this. She owns her own cake making company and I know I am biased but they are amazing!

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