Bakewell Cupcakes

Finally I am back and have got lots to show you! I have been pretty busy and away from home for a week so haven’t had the chance to get any pictures up on the blog so now I have a back log! Prepare to be bombarded with pictures over the next few weeks! I have had a very exciting few weeks which includes the Queen’s Jubilee and my best friend’s hen do. I have also got some restaurant and bar blogs coming up along with some London touristy shots! I am a bit behind so this blog goes back to my birthday a few weeks ago when I made some cherry bakewell cupcakes – they were loved by all at my tea party see here for that post. I hope you enjoy…

Above is one of my favourite kitchen appliances – so easy to use and handy in lots of things! Below are some of the ingredients in the cherry bakewell cupcakes…
A tip for you – wash your glace cherries before using them because otherwise the syrup on them makes them sink to the bottom of a cake if you are using them in a mix or it will stain the icing if you are using them to decorate.Raspberry jam – mix it in a bowl and it will turn to liquid so that it is easier to spoon into the cakes.The cakes tasted so good and I will be doing these again for sure as the raspberry centre and lemon icing makes them that bit more special and tangy!

Thank you for reading my blog, come back soon for lots more posts from my recent goings on! 


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