Street Party

I went to Cambridge where my family lives for a street party to celebrate the Jubilee after I had celebrated in London. It was idyllic and I had a great time with friends and family. I have a few shots to show you the day! The kids all went a little chalk crazy on the road next to mine! 

This is me, my best friend and my dad donning some royal masks!

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I spent the Queen’s jubilee weekend with my best friends and we tried to be involved in all the action as much as possible but I have to say that I didn’t manage to take very many pictures of it because I was enjoying myself too much! The atmosphere in London was buzzing and everyone I saw was happy and enjoying the celebrations.

Here are some of the pictures I did get. How did you celebrate? Did you see the Jubilee concert? I was blown away by it! Elton John singing ‘I’m still standing’ was my favourite as that is my all time favourite song (probably shame on me!)

Click here for the Diamond Jubilee concert – Madness – Our House to see the amazing light show on Buckingham Palace

I went to a street party on the Tuesday in Cambridge where I am from but I will put that in a different post.


They held a street party all the way down Piccadilly which was good fun, lots of champagne, food tasting, picnics and music!My best friends having a great time!

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Bakewell Cupcakes

Finally I am back and have got lots to show you! I have been pretty busy and away from home for a week so haven’t had the chance to get any pictures up on the blog so now I have a back log! Prepare to be bombarded with pictures over the next few weeks! I have had a very exciting few weeks which includes the Queen’s Jubilee and my best friend’s hen do. I have also got some restaurant and bar blogs coming up along with some London touristy shots! I am a bit behind so this blog goes back to my birthday a few weeks ago when I made some cherry bakewell cupcakes – they were loved by all at my tea party see here for that post. I hope you enjoy…

Above is one of my favourite kitchen appliances – so easy to use and handy in lots of things! Below are some of the ingredients in the cherry bakewell cupcakes…
A tip for you – wash your glace cherries before using them because otherwise the syrup on them makes them sink to the bottom of a cake if you are using them in a mix or it will stain the icing if you are using them to decorate.Raspberry jam – mix it in a bowl and it will turn to liquid so that it is easier to spoon into the cakes.The cakes tasted so good and I will be doing these again for sure as the raspberry centre and lemon icing makes them that bit more special and tangy!

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Walk in the Park

Last week I went on a walk through St. James’ Park – it is so pretty and even though it is right in the centre of the hustle and bustle of London, it feels really calm and relaxing. Some groups were having tea parties for hen parties, very cute!This really amused me – it has been raining so much in London that the puddles are deep enough for ducks to swim in!


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Royal Baking

I went to the bakery in Harrods to get a treat after a long day of walking around central London recently. The whole place was looking amazing ready for the Jubilee and I found lots of beautiful cakes and ideas for cakes. You may remember my blog post at Christmas from my last visit to Harrods – Tantalise your Tastebuds.
I had one of the custard cakes at the bottom of the picture below and my boyfriend had one of the stripy cakes from the picture above – the millionaire shortcake doughnut was AMAZING! Inside was shortcake and caramel and the outside was coated like a yumyum and iced with a caramel glaze. The custard doughnut was also out of this world. I am obsessed with custard slices and custard tarts so this was a nice change!These are two amazing cakes which are on display in the window ready for the Jubilee. My friend entered The Times Jubilee baking competition click here for my post on this. She owns her own cake making company and I know I am biased but they are amazing!

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Tea Party

It was my birthday yesterday and it is my best friend Amy’s Birthday today so we had a joint party with about 20 of our friends yesterday at my house. The weather was amazing and everything therefore went to plan – a very girly tea party on the lawn with a buffet style lunch/dinner and cocktails, Pimms and Champagne served all day long. We all had a fabulous time and I have some pictures here to show you the set up and a few of the party.

This is my new jelly mould which my boyfriend got me last week – so cute! 

Homemade bunting along our balcony!These are the cherry bakewell cupcakes I made – I will do a blog post about how to make these because they are more than meets the eye!Old fashioned paper straws – LOVE!Birthday girls – I’m on the left and Amy is on the right!I made lots of really cute paper cranes to go along the windows – so cheap and lovely to add to a girly party!Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend if you are in the UK. It just makes me want to smile all day long! 

Sweet Treats

This is such an amazing place to visit – the sweet section of Harrods. I was in heaven, I am a complete sugar addict!Everything looks so pretty and delicious. I actually didn’t end up buying anything from the sweet section but only because I had had so many other sweet things that day! Jelly Belly – my favourite sweets of all!
This love heart tree is such a cute thing! I don’t think I would actually be able to eat it!

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I went to Pasha in Angel, London, for a meal with friends and I was so impressed with the food, price and service. Some of us went for a Pasha Feast which was 3 courses. They served lots of things from the menu which I like because often I can’t decide or I get food envy from others but with our meal we got lots of variety and I was very happy. It was only £20 for two people for three courses as well! I am planning on going back ASAP!We tried a fried icecream – a traditional Turkish desert but it was a bit of a let down. None of us liked nuts that much and it was surrounded with nuts.

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Diamond Jubilee Baking Competition

My brother’s girlfriend, Alice Baker – Owner of Wonderland Cakes by Alice has entered the Times Diamond Jubilee baking competition with this amazing vanilla and rose water flavoured regal cake. I think it is brilliant and I know she would appreciate your good comments and likes on the Times facebook page or on here. The closing date is the 29th May so I will hold my fingers firmly crossed. She is fantastic at what she does and I wish her the best of luck!

Central Stroll #2

I have a selection of shots from around central London at the weekend. I love walking around slowly and taking pictures of all the buildings and sights. It can be hard with all the tourists!My ideal front door!The Ritz Hotel. Pretty suprised they don’t even have a smoking area and people have to come out the front?! The front of Tiffany looks so pretty I had to take a shot. I am loving the patriotic flags around central London ready for the Jubilee.Thank you for reading my blog! Welcome to all my new followers!