M&Ms World

I went into M&M world which is just off Leicester Square in London. It is a great place to go at any age as there is so much mechandise for M&Ms they must make so much money from tourists! I went for just a standard bag of M&Ms but I was able to pick my own colours and amounts, pick and mix style.Above, the disgusting colours of the free bag of M&Ms we were given. Below, my much nicer colour selection!Thank you for reading my blog! Below is Oli my best friend, remember him in this post?


Walk in the Park

Last week I went on a walk through St. James’ Park – it is so pretty and even though it is right in the centre of the hustle and bustle of London, it feels really calm and relaxing. Some groups were having tea parties for hen parties, very cute!This really amused me – it has been raining so much in London that the puddles are deep enough for ducks to swim in!


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The Water’s Edge

Here are some pictures from my touristy weekend. I start with the London Eye from many angles….Ididn’t go on it this time but went on it when it opened in 2000.

Amazing music coming from this man…Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. I cannot believe it is mid May, the weather is shocking at the moment in the UK!Finally, I end with a touristy shot of my boyfriend and I behind the Houses of Parliament. Thank you for reading my blog!

Water Wonderland

This weekend my brother and his girlfriend came to stay so we had a really touristy weekend. Click here to see what we did when I went to see him recently. First stop was the London Aquarium. A top tip for cheap tickets if that if you have a train ticket from National Rail with you, you get half price entry! The pictures here aren’t amazing because it was such low light and no flash photography allowed. I hope you enjoy them though!Crazy dancing fish in the main tank. He was getting far too excited about feeding time!Last time I came here the Penguin Beach was closed but I was happy to see the Penguins this time – don’t you just love them?!Thank you for reading my blog, come back soon! 

Crusading Light

I know this first picture is really bad quality but I had to put it on to show you the start of my weekend on a boat in Norfolk. We drove down ‘Ferry Road’ which can easily be confused with ‘Fairy Road’ as some of us discovered…. It was literally marsh land with huge floods everywhere. We ditched the cars and jumped on board the boat we would stay on for the weekend. I say boat, it was a river cruiser – 12 beds, sitting room, kitchen, 4 bathrooms and a roof terrace……probably better than my house! We went away for our friend Lisa’s Birthday and we had a fantastic time, despite the torrential rain all weekend!The pub on the first night was literally just across the river! Below is our on board bar…Champagne was served for a Birthday toast on the upper deck – lovely!Here are some really pretty houses at the side of the river. When we looked in an estate agents during our lunch stop, these places go for £500,000 – £1,000,000! Lunch stop on dry land – fish and chips, scampi and chips, battered sausage and chips, everything delicious!We set up a BBQ on the lower deck to cook the delicious burgers from Lisa’s Dad’s butchers – devine!This is the outside view of the boat or the river cruiser – pretty spacious, no!?Breakfast on board followed by the men attempting to fish……
The maggots were left on the back of the boat and during the night there was a storm and they escaped from their box…… maggots were everywhere when we got up the next day, even some found in someone’s shoe!Maximum revs of 11,000……..consistently hit 20,000 throughout the weekend!Our spacious cabin! It was really cosy and we were next to the boats heating so we were nice and warm! Sorry about those in the front cabin where you had a roof window which leaked!Thank you for reading my blog! This picture below was what we found in a field by the river in the middle of nowhere. It is a takeaway menu and ordering service for I guess when times are hard!

We had a fantastic weekend despite the weather – all you need is good company, food and drink!


So these pictures were all taken a long time ago when we went to Mountfitchet Castle – a model village of a Norman village in 1066. It was really interesting – they have set it up to be a working village like it would have been. We had a good look around and because they have a farm also, the animals just followed us around and stared in most of my pictures!

Random – GC sitting on the ‘fertility chair’ whilst feeding a deer……Not something you see every day!This goat made me laugh so much! Look at his face, hilarious!

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I went to the Bass Brewery to find out all about about ale! It was really fascinating to hear about the history of the brewery and taste what they had on offer! Personally I am not a massive fan of ale and beer but I went along to hear all about it with people who are.

We managed to spend nearly a whole day there as there is so much to do – horses, vintage cars, museum, life in the Bass Brewery, meet the brewers, tasting, guided tours – we did it all!
The huge shire horses they have – this one was 19hands and some go up to 22 hands, I literally felt tiny next to him. This particular horse has won a fair few awards in the UK – I am told he is famous in the horse world!These strange chairs are what they used to have in pubs – they are cock fighting chairs. Men would sit on them in a circle around fighting birds and the chairs would protect them (!)Thank you for reading my blog!


Last weekend I was involved in a charity bike ride around Hampshire. I went along with Superrb and Wonderland cakes to raise money for Alzheimers. We cycled 50 miles (which is a big deal for me as the most I have ever cycled is 3 miles!) We took around 7 hours which includes an hour break for lunch – much needed and about a twenty minute pub stop also. The day was such good fun and I am hoping to go back soon for more!We had a go on the tandem bike when we had finished, it was so hard to balance but it made us all laugh a lot!!We ended up in the health spa to relax and unwind for a few hours before heading back to the house for cocktails and nachos, a brilliant end to a hard day!

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Rock Pebble Sand

At the weekend I went to Haying Island to go and stay with my brother who lives there. I went with my boyfriend to do a 50mile charity bike ride with the Superrb gang and Wonderland Cakes, see 50.7.PAIN. It was a fabulous weekend and here are the shots of the relaxing side of the trip…We went to go at see my brothers office…….. Superrb StudioBeing silly with Superrb and Wonderland Cakes!!!!GC moments before Millie the dog launches herself on him…..well, he was asking for it!The road straight down to the sea!Above is the gorgeous Rufus, Superrb’s new puppy! Finally, the picture below is the pretty house i stayed in 🙂 My weekend was ideal and it was so sunny I felt like I was on holiday!

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I don’t usually go to National Trust places but I was suprised by this find – Calke Abbey. The history in brief is that the family who owned it died out and the last remaining person lived in it alone with collections of taxidermy, baskets and lanterns. He basically filled rooms with his collections and then closed them off. He then died and the National Trust took over the house. They maintained parts of it like walls and leaking roof but the rest was kept how it was found.


It is pretty eery to walk around and feel like you live there – honestly in every room you could picture what it would have been like because it had all been left.

Curiously the library had 2 copies of every book?!

A creepy servants area – weird!
This is the room the last surviving family member slept in until 1981.Above is the very long tunnel that the gardeners would use to get home so that they couldn’t be seen by the house.

Below is the ‘Grotto’ which is described as a secret place of romance – you can use your own imagination!


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