Water Wonderland

This weekend my brother and his girlfriend came to stay so we had a really touristy weekend. Click here to see what we did when I went to see him recently. First stop was the London Aquarium. A top tip for cheap tickets if that if you have a train ticket from National Rail with you, you get half price entry! The pictures here aren’t amazing because it was such low light and no flash photography allowed. I hope you enjoy them though!Crazy dancing fish in the main tank. He was getting far too excited about feeding time!Last time I came here the Penguin Beach was closed but I was happy to see the Penguins this time – don’t you just love them?!Thank you for reading my blog, come back soon! 



Pizza followed by a stroll around Primrose Hill, London. We ended up standing at the top admiring the skyline!
A fantastic view from Primrose Hill, London. My best friends and I pose for a shot at the top!

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So these pictures were all taken a long time ago when we went to Mountfitchet Castle – a model village of a Norman village in 1066. It was really interesting – they have set it up to be a working village like it would have been. We had a good look around and because they have a farm also, the animals just followed us around and stared in most of my pictures!

Random – GC sitting on the ‘fertility chair’ whilst feeding a deer……Not something you see every day!This goat made me laugh so much! Look at his face, hilarious!

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Rock Pebble Sand

At the weekend I went to Haying Island to go and stay with my brother who lives there. I went with my boyfriend to do a 50mile charity bike ride with the Superrb gang and Wonderland Cakes, see 50.7.PAIN. It was a fabulous weekend and here are the shots of the relaxing side of the trip…We went to go at see my brothers office…….. Superrb StudioBeing silly with Superrb and Wonderland Cakes!!!!GC moments before Millie the dog launches herself on him…..well, he was asking for it!The road straight down to the sea!Above is the gorgeous Rufus, Superrb’s new puppy! Finally, the picture below is the pretty house i stayed in 🙂 My weekend was ideal and it was so sunny I felt like I was on holiday!

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Snowy Stroll

As much as I love living in London, it is really nice to get out into the countryside for some fresh air once in a while – on Easter Sunday we went out in the hills in Derbyshire, I think we clocked 10 miles in total. It was lovely to get out and get some shots! 

The boys finding out how deep the snow was!

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Happy Hens

I went to the Happy Hens farm last week to see all the spring farm life! I really don’t actually like hens so when I went over to the fence and they all ran towards me (see picture above), I was pretty freaked out but I really enjoyed the day. It was very different to last years farm in spring experience when I went to Wimpole Farm and they had the sheep giving birth as we were there, there was a cow in labour and as I am pretty squeamish I actually had to leave! This time it was far more pleasant.

Possibly the ugliest animal I have ever met – he was so fat he couldn’t even stand up to be fed! Look at that mouth…..eww!

This lamb was taking it’s first steps, looked exactly like Bambi!

This is a pretty bad shot but I had to put my camera through this hole – basically all the hens come into this pen and wait their turn to go into the dark laying room – there are hundreds of them. 

Once they lay an egg, it pops out onto this for collection. They are still warm – so weird and this room was so smelly!Someone left the gate open……RUNNNnnnnnnn!!!

This lamb had just been born – still dazed and confused!

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Crazy Pooch

For Mothers Day I went home to see my family in Cambridge. We took my dog Izzie on a walk to the lake next to our house and I got some fantastic shots which sum her up perfectly!She is a working Cocker, training to be a gundog – she LOVES water and whenever we go here she spends the whole time swimming!

Crazy shot number 1…Ha, this is such a funny picture. I had to put it on to show you all! She is barking mad and this shows that!Probably the only dog I know who dives under water?!We met her friend Daisy at the lake…Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you like the pictures of Izzie!

Mothers Day

So I hope you all enjoyed mothers day, those who celebrate it at this time of yet and not in May. I went home to Cambridge to see my family and we had a great weekend. Here are some of the pictures I took on Mothers day on my phone. The others from the weekend I took on my camera so I will show you in another post, enjoy!











Monkey Business

As I said, the gorillas completely fascinated me – as I went in, one of them stared me out the whole time I was there (was great for my pictures). I really want to go to a monkey sanctuary or see one in the wild – one day! This video here amazed me! Take a look!

Also, if you can handle how sad this video is have a look here. It is about the gorilla Koko and there is a whole series about Koko. This video in particular really interests me, the similarity to us is amazing.

Here is a selection of monkey pictures from London Zoo…

These monkeys are so cheeky they kept trying to go in everyones handbags or climb into prams with babies in them. So funny to watch! You are allowed in the enclosure with them.
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Scales, scales…

A few weeks ago I went to London Zoo with my little brother and I had such a great time! I was fascinated by the gorillas (see my next post for all the monkeys). Here are some of my favourite pictures of the reptiles from the day (sorry there are so many – the zoo is HUGE).

This is the pretty light going into the zoo!

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Here I caught the snake attacking a mouse which was interesting to watch!Thank you for reading my blog!