Alfresco at Jamie’s

Last night I went out for dinner with friends and as we had spent most of the day in one of our favourite places in London, (Covent Garden) we ended up eating at one of our favourite restaurants there – Jamie’s.It is in a really sweet little square off Long Acre with lots of other restaurants and wine bars and lots of outside seating.

What I love about Jamie’s is the way everything is served in such a rustic and unique way. Some of the sharing places are served on logs which lay on a stand of old tins on your table. All the food is delicious and fresh and the prices aren’t bad either!

Above is the brilliant bread selection with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip.

Below is the main dish which I had – Jools’ favourite Sicilian Tuna Fusilli.

This was cooked to perfection and suited dining outside in the evening with a large glass of white wine perfectly!For desert we all chose the same thing (boring, I know!) It was the Amaretto, Chocolate and nut Brownie. It said in the menu it would be served hot with icecream but ours wasn’t so the waitress kindly took it and heated it up. My favourite kind of pudding is hot and cold like this! We finished with Mojitos! A fantastic end to a brilliant day in London!

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Whizz, Pop, Bang.

Purl, Marylebone, London. This was in my ‘Secret London’ app on my phone and looked like an exciting bar to go to. As you walk downstairs and through the door you are welcomed by friendly faces and amazing sights. You go back in time to 1920s and it certainly feels special. Our drinks were served with a popping helium balloon and liquid nitrogen cooler. I had the Mr Hyde’s No. 2 and Oli had the Cerez Joker. Both were amazing but I prefered Oli’s as mine was corked and smoked with time. This meant that in my second glass it was a little too smokey and strong for my liking.All in all, a magical experience and I would say that everyone should come here once! Probably perfect for a first date to amaze! Thank you for reading my blog!

Interactive Dining

I went for a meal at Inamo – an interactive oriental dining experience with my best friend. It was lots of fun. Basically the tables have interactivity and you order food & drinks, play games, call the waiter, plan your route home, see local attractions on a map to plan other things after your meal and pay your bill through the click on a button on your table.

There is only information about the Inamo in Wardour Street, Soho which normally has queues outside when I have tried to go but we went to one near Piccadilly Circus tube station on Regents Street which was much easier to be seated.

The food was also delicious and well worth the somewhat expensive prices! This is the truffle marble beef – my favourite which just melts in your mouth! Amazing!It was delicious and a really good fun dining experience!

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I went to Pasha in Angel, London, for a meal with friends and I was so impressed with the food, price and service. Some of us went for a Pasha Feast which was 3 courses. They served lots of things from the menu which I like because often I can’t decide or I get food envy from others but with our meal we got lots of variety and I was very happy. It was only £20 for two people for three courses as well! I am planning on going back ASAP!We tried a fried icecream – a traditional Turkish desert but it was a bit of a let down. None of us liked nuts that much and it was surrounded with nuts.

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Pretty and Delicious!

Now, this is such a pretty place to take someone like a best friend or Mum for an afternoon treat. It is so pretty and you feel so special when you go in and everything looks amazing! We chose not to eat in because we were on the move and were watching some street performers (this Laduree is in Covent Garden, London).

We chose raspberry, milk chocolate, rose petal and soft caramel with sea salt. The caramel and sea salt one was the best one in our opinion but they all tasted fabulous!Thank you for reading my blog – if you have a blog with attractions/food as main themes then get in touch! 

Back to the 50s

Recently I went to this American Diner when I was away with my family. It was a really fun experience – basically, it is an original American diner from the 50s which was found deserted in a field, it was done up and brought over to the UK in the 90s to give us the true american dining experience!

The diner was originally in America next to a high school so after school it would be where they would all meet – since moving it to the UK, the class still come to have reunions here every year!

It is so authentic with booth seating, stools along the bar, the waitresses in typical 50s clothes, etc. The menu is brilliant and they have a million different options for each dish – sauces, dips, cooking style, type of fries, the list goes on. You can completely customise your food.

We started with nachos – sooooo big, even between 4 it was a huge starter!Onion rings – called ‘The Empire State Building’ – classic!Standard – steak and chips but completely the way I wanted it!My favourite part – this is a candy floss flavoured milk shake with haribo on top!Toasted marshmallow flavoured milkshake!In true American style, they gave us candy with our bill! Although you can’t drink alcohol here I would say that everyone should give it a go once – it was so much fun and the place was full all night! Someone had their birthday so all the lights changed and music and dancing started – a brilliant experience!

HB Karis

Last week we went out for my friend Karis’ birthday. We all met in Le Comptoir on Wigmore Street  for dinner. It is a Lebanese restaurant with a BYO drinks policy which is fantastic! The place was decorated so well and they made us feel so welcome. The food was delicious and even though our big group made quite a lot of noise, they put added extras onto peoples meals for free (bonus!)

It doesn’t suprise me when I look on their site as see all the awards they have won, the food was delicious and we had a fabulous evening there!

The food was delicious and everyone had huge portions which is always a bonus. We then went on to Green Carnation in Soho to have drinks and a boogie at the end of the night. All in all, lots of friends, good food and drinks meant it was a fantastic night!

I will end with a funny shot of my friends and I being silly. Captures a moment well!

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I have been delayed with my blog but a few weeks ago my boyfriend took me to ‘circus’ in Covent Garden, London. It was a suprise and I was totally blown away…

It is a restaurant with a show – circus acts (I loved it). We had dinner and after every course the lights go down and out comes some people onto the stage. The stage actually forms part of some of the tables! It was brilliant, the food was out of this world and the drinks were all delicious too! Here are some shots!
















7 X 7 Link Award

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to all my followers and friends who have shown an interest in my blog. It has been far more popular than I imagined when I started at Christmas as a little hobby. I am getting lots of pictures taken everywhere I go which has meant that i have collected a huge selection (I am even going to buy an external hard drive this week as I have no more space on my 3 computers!)

I am always looking for new blogs to follow so please make yourselves obvious to me so I can take a look!

This blog award is the 7×7 Link Award and as with other awards there are certain tasks I must complete in order to accept it…it goes like this:

I must provide 7 links to posts that I have written according to 7 categories (as detailed below). Thereafter I am to pass this award onto other bloggers.

OK so here are the categories with the links!

I’m not sure whether you will agree with me but here goes..

  1. MOST HELPFUL – has to be my post about a Graze Box  – this is a weekly delivery of healthy snacks which you can pick from their ever growing website. If you look closely, you will see how you can get your own free one! I had a lot of people emailing me about this – if you want a free code, get in touch!
  2. MOST POPULAR- I had to look at my stats for this but it is 271  REGENT STREET I think this is because I didn’t post people in my blogs for quite a while then I started to ask my friends if they minded and they didn’t. They are pretty good shots of some of my best friends on Oxford Street, London.
  3. MOST BEAUTIFUL- has to be Columbia Road Flower Market – Flower Power – amazing to look at such colourful pictures!
  4. MOST CONTROVERSIAL- I found this one quite tricky – I guess is has to be Eightsome as it caused quite a hype with people not really knowing what reeling was. Some people laughed and some people asked for details to go along too. I LOVED it, I love most things though!
  5. MOST SURPRISINGLY SUCCESSFUL- this has got to be Bake Off. I just did some baking one day with my friend and I never imagined so many people would be interested. The cakes aren’t that adventurous but they look and tasted mighty fine! (I think the pink icing helped!)
  6. MOST UNDER RATED- I would say it was Central Stroll It did get a lot of interest but not as much as I had imagined compared to other posts which I thought were less interesting. I think the bridge shots are so pretty!

MOST PRIDE WORTHY- my favourite post so far has been Borough Market, London. Partly because I had a lot of fun the day I took the pictures and had a chance to play around with the settings on my camera, partly because of the interest I had from this post. The pictures show the delicious selection of food on offer – cannot emphasise enough how much you should visit if you can!

OK and now for my 7 links:

  1. Taking Snaps –
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Thank you once again!

Mothers Day

So I hope you all enjoyed mothers day, those who celebrate it at this time of yet and not in May. I went home to Cambridge to see my family and we had a great weekend. Here are some of the pictures I took on Mothers day on my phone. The others from the weekend I took on my camera so I will show you in another post, enjoy!