Bargain Hunt

I dont usually blog about shopping and products but I do love to read or hear about what bargains and offers other people are finding so I thought I would share what I found recently.

I’m pretty behind with the times at the moment and I didn’t realise that the sales had started! Basically I get lost in the shopping world where there always seems to be a sale and so it doesn’t really occur to me to go and hunt for a bargain when the big sales happen. This weekend I actually stumbled on the sales on Oxford street where I started in John Lewis and found this really cute mini make up bag for everyday make up, lipsticks and hair bands. Then I went to H&M and found this gorgeous bikini. I have about 10 bikinis but I feel that every holiday should have its own new bikini – since I have booked my summer holiday now, I thought it was justified! 

Then I went to Oasis where most things were 50%-70% off – these trousers seemed like the perfect summer trousers for if the weather stays like this but I want to cheer myself up with summery clothes! 
This is where my Accessorize sale section begins. I love this shop so much and when I saw that everything on the ground floor was 50% off I almost ran in! Take a look at my pretty finds…
The last section is my non-sale section but things which I got on the same shopping trip. I love this summery colour from Topshop. It has a silver sparkle to it but when you apply it, it comes out quite thick and sticky and you need quite a few layers to make it look even. Below are the Leigh trousers which I now have in 5 different colours. I LOVE them, they are so comfortable and easy to wear dressing up and down.
Finally, this is a dress I found in H&M for £7.99 – Bargain! It is perfect for work when it gets really hot!

I hope you have a chance to catch the sales and get lots of gorgeous bargains!

Thank you for reading my blog! 


Donate, don’t dump!

This is a fantastic charity shop in Primrose Hill, London which supports the Save the Children charity.  It is decorated like an English house and the things inside are fantastic! I managed to bag myself some gorgeous red trousers for my boyfriend, brand new, for £20. The same trousers go in the shops for £90, bargain! This shop was developed after the TV series Mary Queen of Charity Shops – by Mary Portas.

Brooke found these fantastic gloves. I just love this shop and will be heading back again soon!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Farmers Market

Two weeks ago I went to Sloane Square with my best friend and we had a good look around at the shops there. The farmers market was there and we planned to look around and then go to Hyde Park for a picnic lunch but as we walked around, everyone wanted us to try their food. The selection was quite amazing! Here are some shots from the market part…

We grabbed a smoothie each – I had the rejuvenator and Beal had the carrotginger….he made the mistake of asking for extra ginger……too much!Cake Pops and fudge – delicious! Cake pops are my next project, iv asked how you make them so now I just need to get on with making some! Does anyone know where I can get the lolly sticks from?

Once again, thank you for reading my blog – I am always looking for new blogs to follow so give me a shout!

7 X 7 Link Award

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to all my followers and friends who have shown an interest in my blog. It has been far more popular than I imagined when I started at Christmas as a little hobby. I am getting lots of pictures taken everywhere I go which has meant that i have collected a huge selection (I am even going to buy an external hard drive this week as I have no more space on my 3 computers!)

I am always looking for new blogs to follow so please make yourselves obvious to me so I can take a look!

This blog award is the 7×7 Link Award and as with other awards there are certain tasks I must complete in order to accept it…it goes like this:

I must provide 7 links to posts that I have written according to 7 categories (as detailed below). Thereafter I am to pass this award onto other bloggers.

OK so here are the categories with the links!

I’m not sure whether you will agree with me but here goes..

  1. MOST HELPFUL – has to be my post about a Graze Box  – this is a weekly delivery of healthy snacks which you can pick from their ever growing website. If you look closely, you will see how you can get your own free one! I had a lot of people emailing me about this – if you want a free code, get in touch!
  2. MOST POPULAR- I had to look at my stats for this but it is 271  REGENT STREET I think this is because I didn’t post people in my blogs for quite a while then I started to ask my friends if they minded and they didn’t. They are pretty good shots of some of my best friends on Oxford Street, London.
  3. MOST BEAUTIFUL- has to be Columbia Road Flower Market – Flower Power – amazing to look at such colourful pictures!
  4. MOST CONTROVERSIAL- I found this one quite tricky – I guess is has to be Eightsome as it caused quite a hype with people not really knowing what reeling was. Some people laughed and some people asked for details to go along too. I LOVED it, I love most things though!
  5. MOST SURPRISINGLY SUCCESSFUL- this has got to be Bake Off. I just did some baking one day with my friend and I never imagined so many people would be interested. The cakes aren’t that adventurous but they look and tasted mighty fine! (I think the pink icing helped!)
  6. MOST UNDER RATED- I would say it was Central Stroll It did get a lot of interest but not as much as I had imagined compared to other posts which I thought were less interesting. I think the bridge shots are so pretty!

MOST PRIDE WORTHY- my favourite post so far has been Borough Market, London. Partly because I had a lot of fun the day I took the pictures and had a chance to play around with the settings on my camera, partly because of the interest I had from this post. The pictures show the delicious selection of food on offer – cannot emphasise enough how much you should visit if you can!

OK and now for my 7 links:

  1. Taking Snaps –
  2. Freddie and Cinnamon –
  3. Kathryn Dawson –
  4. Miss Renaissance –
  5. Jennifer Wadsworth –
  6. Ruby Songbird –
  7. 365 days of photos –

Thank you once again!

Spitalfields Market

This is the final part of my East of London highlights pictures. As you can see, this is Spitalfields Market which is full of lots of amazing treasures and vintage clothing. The selection is amazing and the prices are pretty fab too! I love how interesting and unique each stall is and how you can literally spend hours browsing the stalls. This is the Saturday market by the way!
There is my boyfriend hidden within this stall, looking at the fabulous coats they have to offer!
I love this dress, I can’t explain why and I would never wear it but I can look at it and admire it a lot! What do you think?100% unique! Thank you for reading my blog today, make sure you visit here if you ever get the chance!

Shoreditch High Street

Following on from my post about Brick Lane, here is the Shoreditch High Street part of my pictures. I love the old fashioned looks mixed with a modern twist. It is a really interesting place and as you can see, there is art work everywhere you look!

This is a temporary shopping centre which has been put up next to Shoreditch High Street overground station…..I think it used to be a carpark?Thank you for reading my blog!

Brick Lane, E1.

A few weeks ago I went out with my parents in East London which is where I work and near to where I live. I showed them all around the area but have so many pictures that I have split the visit into a few posts. This post covers the Brick Lane section where all the restaurants are. We were there on a Saturday so there were markets and a secret sample sale (had to take all bags, coats and mobile phones to a cloakroom before being allowed in…)

Here are a few snaps from the Brick Lane part of the day, you have to go to get the full experience!

Camden Stables Market

I went to see the Stables Market with my best friend the other day (see Camden High Street for the other half of the day). I have so many pictures again because the place is so busy, packed from floor to ceiling everywhere you look with strange, funny and exciting things. The photos below highlight how random the selection can be and I will be coming back to buy some birthday presents as some of the stalls are so unique.

Most of it is under cover and there are take away stalls and drinks venders dotted everywhere. It is a busy place and the people running the stalls seemed calm and in no need of shouting what they had on offer or pushing you to buy things from them like other markets in London have.

Go, go go!!!

HThank you for reading my blog, I hope you have a chance to go and visit the stables market as it is such a great place to go! 

Camden High Street

The other day I went to  Camden with my best friend. I took so many pictures that I have split the pictures up – here are all the ones from Camden High Street. As you can see, it is a fairly unique place and as we came out of the tube station we were immediately met by a group of police men doing drugs testing on everyone going to Camden… for obvious reasons!

I love looking around all the crazy shops and stalls and if you want a shopping experience with a different – go here!

We had a great day and went for the ‘safe’ option of Wagamamas for lunch…

(I took this photo on Instagram – my new favourite app since getting a lovely new iphone)

Thank you for reading my blog everyone! I have been so busy recently with work but now I can work at putting my hundreds of pictures on here for everyone to enjoy! 

Glossy Box

Today I thought I would let you all know about a company that my friend works for – Glossy Box. It is a really cool idea where you pay a monthly subscription and each month they send you a package with lots of lovely goodies inside. All the things in the box are samples of brands which most of the time I have never heard of (only because I am not very in touch with the beauty industry) but they are always fabulous products.

The website is here and you can buy all of the products and previous boxes products from them direct. If you want a lovely monthly suprise, subscribe!