I have moved!

I know a lot of you have been wondering what has happened to my blog. I thank all of you for your support so far with Capital Clips. This blog was so that I could get used to the blogging world and it has now come to an end but I am keeping the site live for all my fabulous followers who gave me so much support over the last 6 months. I have really enjoyed my first blog and I have learnt so much from all of you!

I have now joined forces with my best friend Phoebe from Parmahamandrocket and we bring you:


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On my way back from visiting my brother in India (click to see that post if you missed it), I went to Thailand with my family and friends for a complete unwind. We went to Koh Samui and stayed in a Bungalow at the Peace Resort. This is the most relaxing place I have ever been to and even though I don’t usually like to visit the same place twice I plan to go back here ASAP. I have been to Thailand before but it was when I was travelling so it was quite a different experience and a different set of islands.As you relax by the pool, the staff bring you fresh fruit all day long – so juicy!

This is the rather unstable looking jetty which we had to wait on for our boat ride to Koh Phangan to go to the half moon party which was an all night party in the jungle. The full moon party is held on the beach. A night to remember for sure! Then our flight back to reality……

Thank you for reading my blog!

Life is Sweet

Nearly a year ago my good friend Kirsty married Dan and it was the most beautiful wedding so I wanted to share it with you all before they celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The day was perfect in every single was as I am sure you will see. The venue was so stunning, so English and so ideal. They got married at Longstowe Hall, near Cambridge where we are all originally from. The weather could not have been better which made all the difference – Pimms on the lawn, in the sun, listening to steel drums after celebrating their wedding was such a great feeling.The wedding colours and styles suited the venue and Kirsty perfectly!

The best friends….
All the girls!A magical moment watching Kirsty, Laura, Phily and Shani come down from the sunset!

It was such a brilliant day – had to share it with everyone else! Thank you for reading my blog….look forward to more wedding shots soon as my cousin and another of my best friends are getting married this summer!

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7 X 7 Link Award

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to all my followers and friends who have shown an interest in my blog. It has been far more popular than I imagined when I started at Christmas as a little hobby. I am getting lots of pictures taken everywhere I go which has meant that i have collected a huge selection (I am even going to buy an external hard drive this week as I have no more space on my 3 computers!)

I am always looking for new blogs to follow so please make yourselves obvious to me so I can take a look!

This blog award is the 7×7 Link Award and as with other awards there are certain tasks I must complete in order to accept it…it goes like this:

I must provide 7 links to posts that I have written according to 7 categories (as detailed below). Thereafter I am to pass this award onto other bloggers.

OK so here are the categories with the links!

I’m not sure whether you will agree with me but here goes..

  1. MOST HELPFUL – has to be my post about a Graze Box  – this is a weekly delivery of healthy snacks which you can pick from their ever growing website. If you look closely, you will see how you can get your own free one! I had a lot of people emailing me about this – if you want a free code, get in touch!
  2. MOST POPULAR- I had to look at my stats for this but it is 271  REGENT STREET I think this is because I didn’t post people in my blogs for quite a while then I started to ask my friends if they minded and they didn’t. They are pretty good shots of some of my best friends on Oxford Street, London.
  3. MOST BEAUTIFUL- has to be Columbia Road Flower Market – Flower Power – amazing to look at such colourful pictures!
  4. MOST CONTROVERSIAL- I found this one quite tricky – I guess is has to be Eightsome as it caused quite a hype with people not really knowing what reeling was. Some people laughed and some people asked for details to go along too. I LOVED it, I love most things though!
  5. MOST SURPRISINGLY SUCCESSFUL- this has got to be Bake Off. I just did some baking one day with my friend and I never imagined so many people would be interested. The cakes aren’t that adventurous but they look and tasted mighty fine! (I think the pink icing helped!)
  6. MOST UNDER RATED- I would say it was Central Stroll It did get a lot of interest but not as much as I had imagined compared to other posts which I thought were less interesting. I think the bridge shots are so pretty!

MOST PRIDE WORTHY- my favourite post so far has been Borough Market, London. Partly because I had a lot of fun the day I took the pictures and had a chance to play around with the settings on my camera, partly because of the interest I had from this post. The pictures show the delicious selection of food on offer – cannot emphasise enough how much you should visit if you can!

OK and now for my 7 links:

  1. Taking Snaps – http://takingsnaps.wordpress.com/
  2. Freddie and Cinnamon – http://blog.freddieandcinnamon.com/
  3. Kathryn Dawson – http://kathryndawson.wordpress.com/
  4. Miss Renaissance – http://missrenaissance.com/
  5. Jennifer Wadsworth – http://jenniferwadsworthweddingplanning.wordpress.com/
  6. Ruby Songbird – http://rubysongbird.wordpress.com/
  7. 365 days of photos – http://365daysofphotosbyclare.wordpress.com/

Thank you once again!

Gap in Price

I wanted to share what I found on Boxing day. I went into town to have drinks with my family and popped into Gap to take back a jumper which didn’t fit me. I was browsing the hangers when I saw a sign which read:

‘All sale jumpers are £10 only for one day only – 26th December 2011’.

Nearly all the jumpers in the shop were on sale and so I jumped at this opportunity. I managed to swap one full price jumper for two gorgeous casual jumpers and some PJ bottoms. That’s what I call a good bargain! Here they are, what do you think?

Find these at: http://www.gap.com/