Pretty in Pink

I had a lazy Sunday evening watching the match which got a little boring so I decided to do some baking with my housemate. Cherry cupcakes are my favourite and this is the first time they have actually worked – usually all my cherries sink to the bottom but I recently read the tip that if you wash all the syrup off them they don’t. Since then I have been cherry mad making up for all those cakes which have gone wrong over the years!What I love about cakes with cherries in is that they go a little chewy around the cherry which makes them super delicious!
A second thing I have yet to master is butter frosting but I managed it for the first time and I was super proud! It seems that even though we didn’t have luck in the football it has all gone into my cakes! I was pretty pleased even if it did provide a huge amount of entertainment for my friends (I melted the butter in the microwave to speed things up which meant that as I was piping it was dripping everywhere!)Top with some glitter and sparkle and you’re good to go! Wish I could let you all try!Thank you for reading my blog! 


Hen Party – part 1

As you may know, it was recently my friend’s hen do see here for pictures of where we stayed. It was such a fun weekend so I have posted some general (carefully selected) photos! We had a swimming pool which we had a great time in and got hundreds of pictures of but I don’t think my friends would appreciate me putting bikini shots on here!Amy – the bride to be! Below – Sarah and Brooke – best friends and ex housemates from when I lived in Cambridge – miss them both dearly!

Speech time! We laughed, we cried and we had a fantastic time telling embarrassing stories about each other!
Thank you for reading my blog – pop back for part 2 of the hen do!

Bakewell Cupcakes

Finally I am back and have got lots to show you! I have been pretty busy and away from home for a week so haven’t had the chance to get any pictures up on the blog so now I have a back log! Prepare to be bombarded with pictures over the next few weeks! I have had a very exciting few weeks which includes the Queen’s Jubilee and my best friend’s hen do. I have also got some restaurant and bar blogs coming up along with some London touristy shots! I am a bit behind so this blog goes back to my birthday a few weeks ago when I made some cherry bakewell cupcakes – they were loved by all at my tea party see here for that post. I hope you enjoy…

Above is one of my favourite kitchen appliances – so easy to use and handy in lots of things! Below are some of the ingredients in the cherry bakewell cupcakes…
A tip for you – wash your glace cherries before using them because otherwise the syrup on them makes them sink to the bottom of a cake if you are using them in a mix or it will stain the icing if you are using them to decorate.Raspberry jam – mix it in a bowl and it will turn to liquid so that it is easier to spoon into the cakes.The cakes tasted so good and I will be doing these again for sure as the raspberry centre and lemon icing makes them that bit more special and tangy!

Thank you for reading my blog, come back soon for lots more posts from my recent goings on! 

Royal Baking

I went to the bakery in Harrods to get a treat after a long day of walking around central London recently. The whole place was looking amazing ready for the Jubilee and I found lots of beautiful cakes and ideas for cakes. You may remember my blog post at Christmas from my last visit to Harrods – Tantalise your Tastebuds.
I had one of the custard cakes at the bottom of the picture below and my boyfriend had one of the stripy cakes from the picture above – the millionaire shortcake doughnut was AMAZING! Inside was shortcake and caramel and the outside was coated like a yumyum and iced with a caramel glaze. The custard doughnut was also out of this world. I am obsessed with custard slices and custard tarts so this was a nice change!These are two amazing cakes which are on display in the window ready for the Jubilee. My friend entered The Times Jubilee baking competition click here for my post on this. She owns her own cake making company and I know I am biased but they are amazing!

Thank you for reading my blog! 

Tea Party

It was my birthday yesterday and it is my best friend Amy’s Birthday today so we had a joint party with about 20 of our friends yesterday at my house. The weather was amazing and everything therefore went to plan – a very girly tea party on the lawn with a buffet style lunch/dinner and cocktails, Pimms and Champagne served all day long. We all had a fabulous time and I have some pictures here to show you the set up and a few of the party.

This is my new jelly mould which my boyfriend got me last week – so cute! 

Homemade bunting along our balcony!These are the cherry bakewell cupcakes I made – I will do a blog post about how to make these because they are more than meets the eye!Old fashioned paper straws – LOVE!Birthday girls – I’m on the left and Amy is on the right!I made lots of really cute paper cranes to go along the windows – so cheap and lovely to add to a girly party!Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend if you are in the UK. It just makes me want to smile all day long! 

Good to be British

I am loving the way London is looking at the moment ready for the Jubilee and Olympics. Harrods has not let me down – in fact the window displays are something else! I love the tea party display and intend to steal a few of these ideas for my birthday tea party on Saturday! 🙂The roof of the Egyptian staircase in Harrods, amazing!Thanks for reading my blog! For all new viewers, welcome! 

Lush Lavender

I have had my housemates moaning at me for a while for my lack of baking so I jumped at the chance when I had a free evening recently. I made some delicious lavender cupcakes and this time I didn’t bother with the buttercream icing as personally I think it looks good  but it makes the cakes far too sickly!

Above is my crazy organisation. I love everything to be neat and organised……little too much?!
I even added colouring to the cake mix to make them that bit more pretty!Fresh out the oven!Here is the icing colouring I used……I love purple so this is ideal. I have attempted to make purple colouring before and failed!
A little bit of glitter and sprinkles and we’re done!
What do you think?Thank you for reading my blog! 

Farmers Market

Two weeks ago I went to Sloane Square with my best friend and we had a good look around at the shops there. The farmers market was there and we planned to look around and then go to Hyde Park for a picnic lunch but as we walked around, everyone wanted us to try their food. The selection was quite amazing! Here are some shots from the market part…

We grabbed a smoothie each – I had the rejuvenator and Beal had the carrotginger….he made the mistake of asking for extra ginger……too much!Cake Pops and fudge – delicious! Cake pops are my next project, iv asked how you make them so now I just need to get on with making some! Does anyone know where I can get the lolly sticks from?

Once again, thank you for reading my blog – I am always looking for new blogs to follow so give me a shout!

Piping Practise

I aim to take you on my baking journey in this post. I have been away from my blog for a while as I had problems with the internet in my house but now I am back so hopefully you will enjoy my new posts. I have taken LOTS of pictures recently. These pictures are just me playing around with my camera.

I got some icing pipes but wasn’t quite sure how to use them or what each nozzle does so I tried them out with my friend. We got a little too cocky and tried a triple colour frost – needless to say, they look like a 5 year old made them but we had a lot of fun and they were so pretty!

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed this post – I had a lot of fun making these!

Bake Off!

My housemate, Phoebe and I decided to start ploughing our way through some of the baking books I got for Christmas….we couldn’t decide what to bake so we chose 3 things.

1. Strawberry cupcakes – with a cherry and glitter on top!

2. Fridge Cake – basically this is chocolate, malteasers, golden syrup, biscuits and left over celebrations. All melted and mixed up with marshmallows and you keep it in the fridge. It is DELICIOUS!

3. Banana Loaf – I make this all the time as we buy bananas trying to be healthy and they go off in the fruit bowl. Banana loaf only works with gone off, brown bananas.

They were all so yummy (even if I say so myself!!)

We got them from:

Thank you for reading my blog and welcome to all my new followers. All the pictures were taken by me!