Bargain Hunt

I dont usually blog about shopping and products but I do love to read or hear about what bargains and offers other people are finding so I thought I would share what I found recently.

I’m pretty behind with the times at the moment and I didn’t realise that the sales had started! Basically I get lost in the shopping world where there always seems to be a sale and so it doesn’t really occur to me to go and hunt for a bargain when the big sales happen. This weekend I actually stumbled on the sales on Oxford street where I started in John Lewis and found this really cute mini make up bag for everyday make up, lipsticks and hair bands. Then I went to H&M and found this gorgeous bikini. I have about 10 bikinis but I feel that every holiday should have its own new bikini – since I have booked my summer holiday now, I thought it was justified! 

Then I went to Oasis where most things were 50%-70% off – these trousers seemed like the perfect summer trousers for if the weather stays like this but I want to cheer myself up with summery clothes! 
This is where my Accessorize sale section begins. I love this shop so much and when I saw that everything on the ground floor was 50% off I almost ran in! Take a look at my pretty finds…
The last section is my non-sale section but things which I got on the same shopping trip. I love this summery colour from Topshop. It has a silver sparkle to it but when you apply it, it comes out quite thick and sticky and you need quite a few layers to make it look even. Below are the Leigh trousers which I now have in 5 different colours. I LOVE them, they are so comfortable and easy to wear dressing up and down.
Finally, this is a dress I found in H&M for £7.99 – Bargain! It is perfect for work when it gets really hot!

I hope you have a chance to catch the sales and get lots of gorgeous bargains!

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On my way back from visiting my brother in India (click to see that post if you missed it), I went to Thailand with my family and friends for a complete unwind. We went to Koh Samui and stayed in a Bungalow at the Peace Resort. This is the most relaxing place I have ever been to and even though I don’t usually like to visit the same place twice I plan to go back here ASAP. I have been to Thailand before but it was when I was travelling so it was quite a different experience and a different set of islands.As you relax by the pool, the staff bring you fresh fruit all day long – so juicy!

This is the rather unstable looking jetty which we had to wait on for our boat ride to Koh Phangan to go to the half moon party which was an all night party in the jungle. The full moon party is held on the beach. A night to remember for sure! Then our flight back to reality……

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Idyllic India

My brother lived in Mumbai, India for 3 years so I went to visit him. I have so many stories and facts about India which I found out and I will never get over the culture shock! I have tried to get some interesting pictures together, each with their own story. Below is the Taj Mahal Hotel right next to the Gateway of India. We had afternoon tea there and it was amazing! I love this shot, we went on a magical mystery tour around the city and down a back alley, away from any tourists I saw the every day life of the people of Mumbai. This was right next to a huge slum which was just fascinating to see!The Victoria Terminus (VT) station – you may have seen this in Slumdog Millionaire – one of my favourite films of all time! Click here to see the advert. This picture is not very clear which upsets me as it is the same platform they perform the final scene to the film on. The dancing at the end makes me so happy, the final scene is just amazing. See it here – this shows the dancing on the platform pictured too.

The soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaire is simply phenomenal. I have so much love for this film – sorry, rant over!

A rather ironic name…An ex-pat bar by the beach. We were there from mid afternoon until well into the night –  and the bar tab at the end was soooooo cheap! I forgot about the exchange rate and on an inital look I nearly had a heart attack!  

Inside the Taj Mahal hotel for afternoon tea – out of this world!This was a sunday Expat day which they hold in a bar near my brother’s house. Basically every sunday you arrive for lunch and pay £15 per head for all you can eat, all you can drink for the whole day. We all had an amazing time apart from my other brother who had food poisoning – they did however go out and buy tablets for him as part of the service.

Speaking of service, their taxi service puts England to shame! The taxi driver picked us us from our house in the morning and drove us to the restaurant, he waited outside for 6 hours and then took us home again. All for £15 or something ridiculous! Another Expat bar on the beach…The main beach by my brother’s house. Not really a beach for sunbathing or for women but they all go there for a wash and to go to the toilet (!) from the local slums. Such an amazing sight though!Here is our lovely waiter – it was my brother’s Birthday while we were there so we went out for an amazing dinner – of course it was super cheap! I loved every minute and seeing the slums in real life was an experience I will never forget. They don’t have ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ areas in Mumbai, it is all mixed up so the slums are dotted all around. The biggest Slum in India was near to my brother and I saw some of the outskirts.

Amazing facts about this slum:

  • 78% of Mumbai population lives in the slum
  • there are 20,925 people per sq km in the slum
I was blown away, hopefully one day you can all experience the same fascinating trip! The same brother moved to Saudi for a year and now he lives in the jungle in Belize – I missed a trip to Saudi but maybe I might be able to show you some pics of a trip to Belize!
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Rock Pebble Sand

At the weekend I went to Haying Island to go and stay with my brother who lives there. I went with my boyfriend to do a 50mile charity bike ride with the Superrb gang and Wonderland Cakes, see 50.7.PAIN. It was a fabulous weekend and here are the shots of the relaxing side of the trip…We went to go at see my brothers office…….. Superrb StudioBeing silly with Superrb and Wonderland Cakes!!!!GC moments before Millie the dog launches herself on him…..well, he was asking for it!The road straight down to the sea!Above is the gorgeous Rufus, Superrb’s new puppy! Finally, the picture below is the pretty house i stayed in 🙂 My weekend was ideal and it was so sunny I felt like I was on holiday!

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Adrenaline Rush

During every holiday, my family do a random activity – this holiday it was tubing and tobogganing – it was so much fun but the pictures do not do it justice so you should all have a go for yourselves!This is a bad photo but it captures the moment well!
The hard part – getting back to the top….Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you all had a Happy Easter!