Bargain Hunt

I dont usually blog about shopping and products but I do love to read or hear about what bargains and offers other people are finding so I thought I would share what I found recently.

I’m pretty behind with the times at the moment and I didn’t realise that the sales had started! Basically I get lost in the shopping world where there always seems to be a sale and so it doesn’t really occur to me to go and hunt for a bargain when the big sales happen. This weekend I actually stumbled on the sales on Oxford street where I started in John Lewis and found this really cute mini make up bag for everyday make up, lipsticks and hair bands. Then I went to H&M and found this gorgeous bikini. I have about 10 bikinis but I feel that every holiday should have its own new bikini – since I have booked my summer holiday now, I thought it was justified! 

Then I went to Oasis where most things were 50%-70% off – these trousers seemed like the perfect summer trousers for if the weather stays like this but I want to cheer myself up with summery clothes! 
This is where my Accessorize sale section begins. I love this shop so much and when I saw that everything on the ground floor was 50% off I almost ran in! Take a look at my pretty finds…
The last section is my non-sale section but things which I got on the same shopping trip. I love this summery colour from Topshop. It has a silver sparkle to it but when you apply it, it comes out quite thick and sticky and you need quite a few layers to make it look even. Below are the Leigh trousers which I now have in 5 different colours. I LOVE them, they are so comfortable and easy to wear dressing up and down.
Finally, this is a dress I found in H&M for £7.99 – Bargain! It is perfect for work when it gets really hot!

I hope you have a chance to catch the sales and get lots of gorgeous bargains!

Thank you for reading my blog! 


Whizz, Pop, Bang.

Purl, Marylebone, London. This was in my ‘Secret London’ app on my phone and looked like an exciting bar to go to. As you walk downstairs and through the door you are welcomed by friendly faces and amazing sights. You go back in time to 1920s and it certainly feels special. Our drinks were served with a popping helium balloon and liquid nitrogen cooler. I had the Mr Hyde’s No. 2 and Oli had the Cerez Joker. Both were amazing but I prefered Oli’s as mine was corked and smoked with time. This meant that in my second glass it was a little too smokey and strong for my liking.All in all, a magical experience and I would say that everyone should come here once! Probably perfect for a first date to amaze! Thank you for reading my blog!

M&Ms World

I went into M&M world which is just off Leicester Square in London. It is a great place to go at any age as there is so much mechandise for M&Ms they must make so much money from tourists! I went for just a standard bag of M&Ms but I was able to pick my own colours and amounts, pick and mix style.Above, the disgusting colours of the free bag of M&Ms we were given. Below, my much nicer colour selection!Thank you for reading my blog! Below is Oli my best friend, remember him in this post?


I spent the Queen’s jubilee weekend with my best friends and we tried to be involved in all the action as much as possible but I have to say that I didn’t manage to take very many pictures of it because I was enjoying myself too much! The atmosphere in London was buzzing and everyone I saw was happy and enjoying the celebrations.

Here are some of the pictures I did get. How did you celebrate? Did you see the Jubilee concert? I was blown away by it! Elton John singing ‘I’m still standing’ was my favourite as that is my all time favourite song (probably shame on me!)

Click here for the Diamond Jubilee concert – Madness – Our House to see the amazing light show on Buckingham Palace

I went to a street party on the Tuesday in Cambridge where I am from but I will put that in a different post.


They held a street party all the way down Piccadilly which was good fun, lots of champagne, food tasting, picnics and music!My best friends having a great time!

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed the celebrations as much as I did!

Walk in the Park

Last week I went on a walk through St. James’ Park – it is so pretty and even though it is right in the centre of the hustle and bustle of London, it feels really calm and relaxing. Some groups were having tea parties for hen parties, very cute!This really amused me – it has been raining so much in London that the puddles are deep enough for ducks to swim in!


Thank you for reading my blog!

Tea Party

It was my birthday yesterday and it is my best friend Amy’s Birthday today so we had a joint party with about 20 of our friends yesterday at my house. The weather was amazing and everything therefore went to plan – a very girly tea party on the lawn with a buffet style lunch/dinner and cocktails, Pimms and Champagne served all day long. We all had a fabulous time and I have some pictures here to show you the set up and a few of the party.

This is my new jelly mould which my boyfriend got me last week – so cute! 

Homemade bunting along our balcony!These are the cherry bakewell cupcakes I made – I will do a blog post about how to make these because they are more than meets the eye!Old fashioned paper straws – LOVE!Birthday girls – I’m on the left and Amy is on the right!I made lots of really cute paper cranes to go along the windows – so cheap and lovely to add to a girly party!Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend if you are in the UK. It just makes me want to smile all day long! 


I went to Pasha in Angel, London, for a meal with friends and I was so impressed with the food, price and service. Some of us went for a Pasha Feast which was 3 courses. They served lots of things from the menu which I like because often I can’t decide or I get food envy from others but with our meal we got lots of variety and I was very happy. It was only £20 for two people for three courses as well! I am planning on going back ASAP!We tried a fried icecream – a traditional Turkish desert but it was a bit of a let down. None of us liked nuts that much and it was surrounded with nuts.

Thank you for reading my blog!

The Water’s Edge

Here are some pictures from my touristy weekend. I start with the London Eye from many angles….Ididn’t go on it this time but went on it when it opened in 2000.

Amazing music coming from this man…Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. I cannot believe it is mid May, the weather is shocking at the moment in the UK!Finally, I end with a touristy shot of my boyfriend and I behind the Houses of Parliament. Thank you for reading my blog!

Good to be British

I am loving the way London is looking at the moment ready for the Jubilee and Olympics. Harrods has not let me down – in fact the window displays are something else! I love the tea party display and intend to steal a few of these ideas for my birthday tea party on Saturday! 🙂The roof of the Egyptian staircase in Harrods, amazing!Thanks for reading my blog! For all new viewers, welcome! 

Water Wonderland

This weekend my brother and his girlfriend came to stay so we had a really touristy weekend. Click here to see what we did when I went to see him recently. First stop was the London Aquarium. A top tip for cheap tickets if that if you have a train ticket from National Rail with you, you get half price entry! The pictures here aren’t amazing because it was such low light and no flash photography allowed. I hope you enjoy them though!Crazy dancing fish in the main tank. He was getting far too excited about feeding time!Last time I came here the Penguin Beach was closed but I was happy to see the Penguins this time – don’t you just love them?!Thank you for reading my blog, come back soon!