London #2

Here are some photos of my recent travels around London.

Even though this is a really bad picture, I posted it to show you the only road in the UK where you are allowed to drive on the right, outside the Savoy Hotel!

We ended the day back in Covent Garden where we listened to a fantastic quintet busking in the lower levels of the main market building. I loved how magical it was to listen to the music and have the HUGE disco ball shining around the market.

Once in Covent Garden, please do yourself a favour and have a meal at Pacifico (if you like Mexican that is!) It was nominated as the best classic bar by CLASS magazine….this is a good thing I am told! We had an amazing meal and lovely cocktails. Be warned, their portions are HUGE and we were unable to get through even half of our meal. Luckily they let you take it home so I will look forward to that tomorrow!

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