Pretty in Pink

I had a lazy Sunday evening watching the match which got a little boring so I decided to do some baking with my housemate. Cherry cupcakes are my favourite and this is the first time they have actually worked – usually all my cherries sink to the bottom but I recently read the tip that if you wash all the syrup off them they don’t. Since then I have been cherry mad making up for all those cakes which have gone wrong over the years!What I love about cakes with cherries in is that they go a little chewy around the cherry which makes them super delicious!
A second thing I have yet to master is butter frosting but I managed it for the first time and I was super proud! It seems that even though we didn’t have luck in the football it has all gone into my cakes! I was pretty pleased even if it did provide a huge amount of entertainment for my friends (I melted the butter in the microwave to speed things up which meant that as I was piping it was dripping everywhere!)Top with some glitter and sparkle and you’re good to go! Wish I could let you all try!Thank you for reading my blog! 


Lush Lavender

I have had my housemates moaning at me for a while for my lack of baking so I jumped at the chance when I had a free evening recently. I made some delicious lavender cupcakes and this time I didn’t bother with the buttercream icing as personally I think it looks good  but it makes the cakes far too sickly!

Above is my crazy organisation. I love everything to be neat and organised……little too much?!
I even added colouring to the cake mix to make them that bit more pretty!Fresh out the oven!Here is the icing colouring I used……I love purple so this is ideal. I have attempted to make purple colouring before and failed!
A little bit of glitter and sprinkles and we’re done!
What do you think?Thank you for reading my blog!