Alfresco at Jamie’s

Last night I went out for dinner with friends and as we had spent most of the day in one of our favourite places in London, (Covent Garden) we ended up eating at one of our favourite restaurants there – Jamie’s.It is in a really sweet little square off Long Acre with lots of other restaurants and wine bars and lots of outside seating.

What I love about Jamie’s is the way everything is served in such a rustic and unique way. Some of the sharing places are served on logs which lay on a stand of old tins on your table. All the food is delicious and fresh and the prices aren’t bad either!

Above is the brilliant bread selection with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip.

Below is the main dish which I had – Jools’ favourite Sicilian Tuna Fusilli.

This was cooked to perfection and suited dining outside in the evening with a large glass of white wine perfectly!For desert we all chose the same thing (boring, I know!) It was the Amaretto, Chocolate and nut Brownie. It said in the menu it would be served hot with icecream but ours wasn’t so the waitress kindly took it and heated it up. My favourite kind of pudding is hot and cold like this! We finished with Mojitos! A fantastic end to a brilliant day in London!

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I went to Pasha in Angel, London, for a meal with friends and I was so impressed with the food, price and service. Some of us went for a Pasha Feast which was 3 courses. They served lots of things from the menu which I like because often I can’t decide or I get food envy from others but with our meal we got lots of variety and I was very happy. It was only £20 for two people for three courses as well! I am planning on going back ASAP!We tried a fried icecream – a traditional Turkish desert but it was a bit of a let down. None of us liked nuts that much and it was surrounded with nuts.

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I have been delayed with my blog but a few weeks ago my boyfriend took me to ‘circus’ in Covent Garden, London. It was a suprise and I was totally blown away…

It is a restaurant with a show – circus acts (I loved it). We had dinner and after every course the lights go down and out comes some people onto the stage. The stage actually forms part of some of the tables! It was brilliant, the food was out of this world and the drinks were all delicious too! Here are some shots!
















Mothers Day

So I hope you all enjoyed mothers day, those who celebrate it at this time of yet and not in May. I went home to Cambridge to see my family and we had a great weekend. Here are some of the pictures I took on Mothers day on my phone. The others from the weekend I took on my camera so I will show you in another post, enjoy!











The year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year! I love going to Chinatown for the New Year celebrations as the whole place looks so pretty! London celebrates the Chinese New Year in a pretty spectacular way on the 29th of January this year. I went along last year and watched the dragon dance and the parade. After they had performances happening on Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square. It was so impressive but be warned – it gets so busy! We ended up carrying some children out of the crowds as they were being squashed by all the adults last year!

You can find out more about it here.

Check out how many awards this Chinese restaurant have! The window was covered in them! 

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Last week my brother came to stay from Saudi Arabia and in his true style it was just for the night. We met up with one of my other brothers and went for drinks in Soho and China Town. Then I took them to my favourite restaurant in that area, Pho. It is a really nice Viatnemese resturant.

I can’t wait for the Chinese New Year in a few weeks. This whole area becomes remarkably decorated and I will make sure I visit and get pictures!

I love the decor in Pho, it’s dark and full of funky lights. I love the displays of vegetables a fresh herbs and relish.The menu is really reasonably priced – my favourite dish is #24 Pho Tom. Phenonenal!On our way home, we stopped at Patisserie Valerie, a gorgeous cake shop just around the corner. They were just about to close but even still they let us try the macaroons and then after trying to break thr mould, we ended up getting what we always get – custard slice and an apple pastry – yum!

This guy was on Oxford Street as we walked home. I am happy to say that I LOVED his music. He was playing on lids and buckets and sounded much better than most drummers I’ve heard!

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London #2

Here are some photos of my recent travels around London.

Even though this is a really bad picture, I posted it to show you the only road in the UK where you are allowed to drive on the right, outside the Savoy Hotel!

We ended the day back in Covent Garden where we listened to a fantastic quintet busking in the lower levels of the main market building. I loved how magical it was to listen to the music and have the HUGE disco ball shining around the market.

Once in Covent Garden, please do yourself a favour and have a meal at Pacifico (if you like Mexican that is!) It was nominated as the best classic bar by CLASS magazine….this is a good thing I am told! We had an amazing meal and lovely cocktails. Be warned, their portions are HUGE and we were unable to get through even half of our meal. Luckily they let you take it home so I will look forward to that tomorrow!

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