Last week my brother came to stay from Saudi Arabia and in his true style it was just for the night. We met up with one of my other brothers and went for drinks in Soho and China Town. Then I took them to my favourite restaurant in that area, Pho. It is a really nice Viatnemese resturant.

I can’t wait for the Chinese New Year in a few weeks. This whole area becomes remarkably decorated and I will make sure I visit and get pictures!

I love the decor in Pho, it’s dark and full of funky lights. I love the displays of vegetables a fresh herbs and relish.The menu is really reasonably priced – my favourite dish is #24 Pho Tom. Phenonenal!On our way home, we stopped at Patisserie Valerie, a gorgeous cake shop just around the corner. They were just about to close but even still they let us try the macaroons and then after trying to break thr mould, we ended up getting what we always get – custard slice and an apple pastry – yum!

This guy was on Oxford Street as we walked home. I am happy to say that I LOVED his music. He was playing on lids and buckets and sounded much better than most drummers I’ve heard!

Thank you for reading my blog, I am really enjoying reading yours! All the pictures are my own.